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Competition Rules >>>>>>

  • Round 1 and 10 are 2x15min halves with a running clock.
  • There are 3 points awarded for all duties and byes.
  • Games will be 2x20min halves with a running clock, except rounds one and 10.
  • Only one time allowed per half.
  • The clock will start the schedule start time.
  • Teams can start the game with a minimum of 3 registered players in uniform on the court.
  • All forfeits incur a $ fine and a loss of 3 points.
  • Teams will lose two points for each minute or part there of. After 10 minutes has lapsed the game will be declared a forfeit.
  • Players must sign the in sheet and print their names on the scoresheet.
  • A player must play 55% of the scheduled games to be eligible to play in the final series.

Code of Conduct >>>>>>

For the enjoyment and safety of all players, officials and the community, the City of Sydney Basketball Association applies a sporting Code of Conduct.

Agreement to abide by the CSBA Code of Conduct is a condition of entry to its stadiums of operation for example: Alexandria Basketball Stadium Alexandria andthe Debbie & Abby Borgia Recreation Centre Marrickville.

The code requires that you >>>>>>

  • Abide by the rules of the sport;
  • Follow all reasonable directions given by officials;
  • Demonstrate the principles of mutual respect and normal courtesy.

Designated officials of the City of Sydney Basketball Association are authorised to require any person(s) to leave the premises for //

  • Verbal or physical abuse of other participants, visitors and/or officials;
  • Harassment of individuals or groups;
  • Constant or aggressive questioning of decisions;
  • Ridicule, baiting or uttering audible obscenities;
  • Engaging in behaviour that fails mutual respect.

NOTE // Further action maybe taken where verbal or physical abuse of other participants occurs, or where a person is asked to leave the premises.

CSBA officials and tribunal are required to apply the Basketball NSW

Zero Tolerance Policy for breaches of this code. We accept that disagreements or disputes may occur. Address these in a polite, calm manner. If you do not receive satisfaction, contact an association official.

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