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Spectres in the finals //

May 2009

Sydney Spectres' president Andrew Bondini has his fingers crossed. The group's division three men's basketball team will go all out to win the victor's trophy at their finals match tomorrow night at Alexandria Stadium.

It's been a successful season for the group -" both of their men's teams through to the semi-finals and now have a shot at the top spot. Overall it was pretty good. It's always a good outcome when we can make it to the semis and we're pretty proud of that, Bondini said. The girls didn't make it to the semis but they did a pretty good round for the season and they'll get back into it in about a week and start the next season.

The Spectres seem relatively unperturbed heading into the finals, with no plans to add training sessions to their regular Monday night sessions, but that doesn't mean they don't want the title. We've got a pretty good team, so they've got a pretty good bunch of blokes and they're good ball handlers who can handle themselves pretty well, Bondini said, adding that the pressure was still on them to live up to expectations.

The season at the end of last year was the first time we managed to make it through to the finals and we won, which was pretty amazing -" it was the first time since 2001 that we ever won the finals. It was great, so we've got our fingers crossed again -" it's always a good feeling.

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