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Don't Drool From the Sidelines //

January 2009

The Sydney Spectres basketball club has started its summer training for what could shape up to be one of the group's finest years, club president Andrew Bondini told Sydney Star Observer.

Founded in 2001, the club has come close to winning the City of Sydney basketball association competition many times, but always missed out in the semi-final round. Bondini is confident this year will be different. We hold our own in competition. It took us a long time though, Bondini explained.

The club started just before the Gay Games in Sydney and we hadn't won a final in the competition we were playing in until last year. We've been very close numerous times. We tend to always go to the semis, and we just don't quite get there. But last year we actually did, and managed to win one of the grand finals, so we were very happy about that. Since then we've had a change in players and the skill sets people have, so it's going to be interesting this year. I think we've got a good chance of actually winning the finals, especially in our division three team, because we've got some very good players.

Ability aside, the Spectres is open to anyone wanting to dribble a ball, and is still open to new members who would like to play this season. This year the group will have two men's teams and up to three women's teams entering into competition, but, as Bondini explained, even those without an interest in competition are welcome to get involved. We're open to anyone who wants to have a go. If they want to come along to the training aspect just for a bit of fun and fitness, that's fine -" one of our mottoes is - bounce your way into fun and fitness'. So yes, all levels are welcome, but if people want to play the competition side of it we generally explain to them what's involved and how serious, or not serious it is, depending on what division we're playing in.

It's a good team environment, where people can either come and watch or get involved and it's the kind of sport that allows you to come in and have a muck around and enjoy it from the social side.

But if you want to take it to the next level and work right up into the professional ranks, that's possible as well. So there's opportunities for everyone to come in and have a go and enjoy themselves.

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