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Michael Harvey Profile //

Written by Reg Domingo

January 2007

In 2006, Sydney's leading gay and lesbian basketball team, The Sydney Spectres, enjoyed great success, having advanced well into their respective divisions. And because of its rising popularity, the group has also expanded to having more teams in its repertoire. "There's so much growth," says Club Coach, Michael Harvey, "it's unbelievable." Seeing a group of dedicated basketball players achieve their potential is a vital imperative for Harvey and as a coach, it is also one which he has seen happen to many people he has guided throughout his coaching career.

"I was 11 when I coached my first basketball team," he says. "I've coached kids who've gone on to play for Australia, people who gone to the NBL, and some who are now playing at colleges overseas."

Yet for Harvey, working in basketball almost never happened, if it weren't for a stroke of serendipity. "When I was nine, my Dad had me doing tae kwon do on Tuesday nights and I hated it," he says. "I didn't like martial arts whatsoever. But then there was a call for a basketball team. And I thought, 'Okay, that's on a Tuesday night, if I go to basketball, I won't have to go to tae kwon do anymore'. And that's how it worked out. That decision, when I was nine, changed my life. "So many things happened to me along the way because of me being involved in basketball. I made decisions about my career because of basketball. It helped me through university because I was working as a sports administrator at Newcastle Basketball Stadium. It got me contacts with people. It's taken me all around Australia, by taking to me different tournaments and carnivals. It's just been amazing."

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