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BOUNCE / Justin Davison Profile //

Written by Ashley Charlton

September 2009

If I were to say the words 'Gay' 'Balls' and 'Slam' in the same sentence, you'd probably assume that I would have to put an R18+ classification on this article. Despite your assumptions, I'm actually talking about Sydney Spectres, a gay and lesbian basketball club. Justin Davison is 23, lives in Wolli Creek, and plays basketball for Sydney Spectres. He says that "I love being able to play a game that I love with like minded people, have a laugh and a joke and then go out for a drink afterwards. The guys on the team are so friendly, and made me feel right at home almost immediately. I only wish that I had known the Spectres earlier!"

ASHLEY // How did you first hear about Sydney Spectres and what made you decide to play with them?

JUSTIN// I found them on the net, contacted them, went along to a training session and it went from there!

ASHLEY // Did you Google gay basketball?

JUSTIN // I Googled gay sports because I wanted to get back into basketball after moving closer to the city and I knew through a friend there was a gay rugby side so I tried my luck for a basketball side.

ASHLEY // What kind of people play for the Spectres?

JUSTIN // It's mainly a gay side but there are some straight guys in the teams. The ages vary from 18 to mid 30's

ASHLEY // So Justin, tell me, is there a romance within the team?

JUSTIN // Funny you say that, every time I tell someone I play in a gay basketball team, the first thing they say is "Imagine the change rooms after the game!" But it's not like that at all.

ASHLEY // So are any of the guys on the team available?

JUSTIN // We have guys in relationships, just not with other guys in the team. But there are some single guys, including me.

ASHLEY // How does your opposition react when they find out that you're a gay basketballteam?

JUSTIN // I'm pretty sure most of the other teams don't even know, but I've never seen any negativity at all.

ASHLEY // How long have you been playing with the Sydney Spectres for?

JUSTIN // I've been training with them for four months and playing in competitions with them for two.

ASHLEY // Was it scary the first time you attended your first training session?

JUSTIN // Hell yeah! I didn't know what to expect.

ASHLEY // What happened?

JUSTIN // I watched them play a game firstly. I took a mate with me. But then I met them all and they all were friendly.

ASHLEY // How old do you have to be to play with the Spectres?

JUSTIN // There is no age limit really, as long as u can keep up! We are always looking for new players and you don't have to be experienced. That's why we have training as well!

ASHLEY // Do you have any advice for someone looking to join Sydney Spectres?

JUSTIN // Don't be nervous like me. We are a good group of guys who mainly play for a bit of fun and fitness. We cater for all needs!

ASHLEY // What happens off the court?

JUSTIN // We all hang out a bit off the court and we have a stall at Fair day. We're looking at doing something for Mardi Gras next year, like an international basketball day or something like that. We also post photographs of the events on our website.

ASHLEY // So if someone is thinking of joining your team, what do they need to do?

JUSTIN // Just check out the website www.sydneyspectres.com, email us or give us a call! The Sydney Spectres Gay & Lesbian Basketball Club was initially founded in 2001 by Jaye Mitchell, and the following year The Sydney Spectres participated in the Sydney Gay Games. The Sydney Spectres has since grown to 4 registered teams, playing in a local competition run by the City of Sydney Basketball Association. The teams consist of both novice and experienced players, all with a passion for basketball.

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